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I have an important question for CEOs, Executives, Managers, Small Business Owners, and really anyone who is leading an organization, and knows that their teams aren't performing at a high level of engagement. 

What if you arrived at work every day, knowing that your team was operating at their highest levels, because YOU helped them get there? 

What Is An Engagement Experience?

Identify | Clarify | Magnify

What did you dream about becoming when you were a kid?

If you were like me (and perhaps you've read these facts in my book), the possibilities seemed endless, as it may have involved being an artist for Disney, playing basketball in the NBA, or becoming famous for your music and acting in movies.

As adults our dreams seem to change.  

Suddenly dreams of fame and glory are traded for staying sane and living without worry.

Whether you are the risk taker in your adult age, still swinging for the fences, or have found your groove and are fixed on staying there, to launch big ideas that may fail publicly keep many dreamers from ever taking flight, grounded for fear of humiliation in the event an idea isn't successful.

What inspires me is seeing those who are willing to put themselves out there, who keep reaching for the stars, the childhood glimmer of belief easily recognizable...and it can almost be enviable while admirable (such a catch-22.)

I often see others living their dreams and ask myself:

Do I have the guts to do that?

Could I reach that far?

How could they go that route, I thought they were doing this one other thing forever...?

To put that song out there for the world to mock, or record that comedy others may hide behind their screen name to heckle;

To launch that business, write that book, reinvent oneself, do a Facebook or LinkedIn Live, write a blog very few may read - but you still send it out to thousands every week...

I'll let you in on a little secret about the dreams of the most successful people in the world: 

Successful adults dream about having influence, relevance, respect, acknowledgement, and becoming the type of Leader that is trusted with moral authority.

I am fully aware that many reading this right now are The Dreamers, The Doers, The Leaders.  

That is why you're here.

That is why we turned The Promise to the One into a Video + Audio book for you. 



That is why you're here.

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep. 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep.



Promises are like crying babies in a theater,
they should be carried out at once.


Chapter One - Character

I believe in the sacredness of a promise, that a man’s
word should be as good as his bond; that character—not
wealth or power or position—is of supreme worth.


Chapter Two - Identify, Clarify, Magnify

Leaders who win the respect of others are the ones
who deliver more than they promise, not the ones who
promise more than they can deliver.


Chapter Three - Integrity

I believe keeping our promises
should be our highest priority.


Chapter Four - Self-Acceptance

I feel keeping a promise to yourself is a
direct reflection of the love you have for yourself.


Chapter Five - Habits

It is easy to make promises—
it is hard work to keep them.


Chapter Six - Kindness

People with good intentions make promises
but people with good character keep them.

—A N O N Y M O U S

Chapter Seven - Service

One promises much, to avoid giving little.


Chapter Eight - Mentoring

People ask me, “Why is it so hard to trust people?”
I ask them, “Why is it so hard to keep a promise?”

—A N O N Y M O U S

Chapter Nine - Health

Keep every promise you make
and only make promises you can keep.

—A N T H O N Y H I T T

Chapter Ten - God

I’ve learned that when God promises
beauty through the ashes, He means it.


Chapter Eleven - Talents

There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept.


Chapter Twelve - Calling

Each day
I have to make
A new promise
To myself
To be braver than my past
To be stronger than the struggle
So I may find a bigger adventure
Regardless of the risk.


Chapter Thirteen - Legacy

Overdeliver on promises and deadlines.
Show up early, deliver your product early, and deliver
more than you promised. Overdeliver now, and
in the future, you will be overpaid.


Chapter Fourteen - Value

The promises of this world are, for the most part,
vain phantoms; and to confide in one’s self,
and become something of worth and value is
the best and safest course.



The Promise is your clarion call to Commitment, your
investment in Integrity. It’s your Purpose,
your Proclamation, and your Legacy.


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